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Featured ad#1552 Gail & Rick, Yes, I sold the bike just this past week-end; and yes, it was through HD4Sale! Your site was the only place my bike was posted. The buyer drove 1300 miles from ND to KY. There is no way he could have found the bike he was searching for without the wide coverage of HD4Sale. I would like to thank you for the way you run your site. Not only did you email to check on how my ad was doing from time to time but you also alerted me on three separate occasions of possible scammers. I know of no other website that protects their customers as you do. Thank you very much. I will definately use your site again. Thanks.
Keith - Cornettsville, Kentucky
Featured ad#2180 The bike sold because of your site. It went to a buyer in Norway. WOW! Thanks!
Bob - Perryville, Kentucky
Featured ads#1792 & 884 Gail, both of the bikes sold off of your site! Like I said, your site is GREAT. Thanks.
Mike - Madill, Oklahoma
Featured ad#2117 To Gail & Rick, everything went well on my sale of my 2002 Fatboy. I sold it on your site a guy called me from Chicago and said he seen my bike on hd4sale and we made a deal and everything went well from there. Again Thanks
Herbie - Radcliff, Kentucky
Featured ad#2371 Please remove my bike from your listing. I listed last Sunday and the new owner drove off with it this Sunday. 1 week I just can't believe it! Thanks for a great service!
Mark - Nashua, New Hampshire
Featured ad#1813 Sold it off your site. thanks much. will recommend this site to others. thanks again.
Mike - Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin
Featured ad#1644 Thanks for contacting me. Yes, my bike has sold!!! I updated the web site ad to mark as sold. Thanks for a wonderful experience on your site!! I would highly reccommend your web ads to sell a harley. I had a serious buyer check out the ad and bought the bike just like that. No hassles...sold!!
Bear - Fresno, California
Featured ad#2245 I just sold the bike and delivered it on Saturday . The man lives in Arkansas, I met him halfway . Thanks so much , I had many people wanting to buy it !
Randall - Ashland, Kentucky
Featured ad#1637 Off the site: been trying to sell for over 30 months, including two dealer consignments.
Dave - San Francisco, California
Featured ad#643 It sold of the site, Alabama to Michigan Bought it site unsceen checked cleared before he picked it up work out real well
Joshua - Lansing, Michigan
Featured ad#2221 Gail & Rick, I sold it to a guy from Kansas City, Kansas. Thanks and I will be using your services more in the future, and pass this to everyone who needs you. I belong to the Viet Nam Vets M/C USA, I have chapters in 50 States and 3 Countries. I'll write in our Club news letter and pass the word about your great service.
Scooter VNV M/C USA - Berwyn, Illinois
Featured ad#2172 Hi Gail & Rick, Your site was GREAT it sold off the site. It sold within one week. The buyer was only 25 miles away from me. I will recommend your site to all my friends who are interested in selling their bikes. Thank you
Mark - Lutz, Florida
Ad# 2151 The 1990 Soft tail Harley Ad#2151 has been sold. We sold this bike to a man from Maryland after advertising for a little over 1 month. Thanks for all your help.
Janice - Walker, West Virginia
Featured ad#324 sold the bike was sold through your chalk it up to a success story......thanks for listing
Max - Princeton, West Virginia
Yeah sure, it was sold off of your site. Thanks! I will use your services again, and tell others as well. I was told of your site from a friend who also sold his bike through you. Keep it going strong!
Choppers John - Delafield, Wisconsin
This web site is fantastic! My bike sold quickly at the price I asked. A gentleman drove 10 hrs to pick it up. Thanks for helping. I will recomend you to everyone.
Lisa - Edmond, Oklahoma
Featured ad#2107 It sold from the site. Thanks for the chance to move my bike as quickly as I did.
David - Calera, Oklahoma
Featured ad#2158 Hi Gail & Rick, HD4SALE!! As you know we posted on Monday and we got call on Tuesday. Buyer came by on Saturday and made an offer. I took the bike off the sight that night! (Incidentally, I had previously advertised in the local paper and got no responses at all. The website gives others a chance to view what a seller really has to offer). Thanks for the great website!
Bob - Wernersville, Pennsylvania
Featured ad#1971 Hi Gail & Rick, Yes, my bike sold though you site! Thank you very much for all your help. Awesome site and I have referreds many people to it. Thanks again
Jason - Prentice, Wisconsin
Featured ad#2021 Gail & Rick, I did get a call off the website from a guy around 200 miles away. He called that morning and made arrangements to see the bike that afternoon. He had a cashiers check in hand! I wanted to write and thank your website but I deleted your address and wasn't sure who to contact. That's when I marked it as sold. I am very impressed with the fast response from the website. This was the first time I ever sold anything online and was very skeptical, especially after I had a few weirdo's answer my ad. The buyer was legitimate and the sale went good after posting the bike for maybe two weeks! Thank you!
Theresa - Dalton, Wisconsin
Featured ad#1173 Hi Gail. Our bike sold from your site to a man in Japan. The sale went smooth, without a hitch. Thanks for the great service, I would recommend your site to anyone selling a bike. Thanks again
Bob - Cornell, Michigan
Featured ad#1740 Your site! I'll be sure to recommend it every chance I get! And I work at Harley-Davidson so it won't be long until I am selling my latest bike...
Jason - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Featured ad#1888 Hi Gail, It was sold directly through the sit within a couple of weeks. We are in Boxborough, MA, and the individual who purchased the bike was from Louisiana. He drove up, rented a "box" trailer, and returned home within 2 days. Sincerely, Richard
Richard - Boxborough, Massachusetts
Featured ad#2068 Gail, It sold from your site, I live in Georgia and someone who lives in Illinois called me and drove down that week to purchase the bike. I sold a Sportster on your site 4 years ago thanks again for this sale.
George - Watkinsville, Georgia
Featured ad#2031 The bike sold from the ad on the site. I received two more serious inquiries right after the sale was final. That was 3 serious buyers during the first week.
Stephen - Manassas, Virginia
You folks and your site are the GREATEST! My Dyna just sold off your site. This is the 2nd bike, (and a lot of parts,) SOLD on your site! WITH NO HASSLE! Thanks.
Mike - Hamburg, Pennsylvania
Featured ad#1811 Thanks for your site! I sold my 2004 FLHT in 4 days. Faster than I ever thought. I recommend this site to everyone looking to sell.
Craig - New Albany, Indiana
Featured ad#1684 We listed the Road King only on your web site and it sold in less than one month through the visibility that your website provided. Your website is the easiest to navigate for both buyers and sellers. Thank you.
Dennis - Mount Holly, New Jersey
Featured ad#1720 Please remove ad #1720. It has been sold. Thank you very much for the excellent site with quick results.
Brian - Brookfield, Wisconsin
Hi Gail! Yes - it did sell from the ad we placed with you. We had 4 interested people within the first 10 days! We will recommend you to our friends! Thanks!
Micky & Donna - Joliet, Illinois
Featured ad#346 Like to say the bike sold Saturday. I would like to say you have a great site and hospitality feeling. I would personally like to thank you Gail for caring about my page and updating it. I will tell everyone about your site and God Bless.
Zane - Owensboro, Kentucky
Ad#1540 You’ve got a great site, and it worked for me and resulted in multiple, simultaneous offers. The ad was so successful that it caused an informal bidding scenario where my bike actually sold for MORE than I was asking. My newspaper ad got “no” response. The HD4SALE ad made all the difference in the world.
Rusty - San Ramon, California
Featured ad#1659 Once again, I sold my bike on your site. This makes number five that I have sold through without a hitch. I have been successful with every ad. Thank you very much. You're the best.
Dan - Lexington, Kentucky
Featured ad#1420 we are 2 for 2. thanks for a great site. Ill get with you again and pass the word.
Drew - Linden, North Carolina
Featured ad#383 Yes it did sell from your site, a guy checked it out on his way thru Chicago and picked it up on his way back to MI. Thanks again for everything. I actually told a buddy of mine about your site and I think he wants to put his bike up w/ you. Thanks again.
Tim - Lansing, Illinois
Jeff - Clarkston, Michigan
Featured ad#1638 Hi Gail, Glad to see Rick is having fun. That is the second Harley I've sold from your site. The first day the ad ran I got a call, The second day I had cash in my hand. I buy and sell Harley's as a hobby and your site makes it so easy. Be looking for me soon and thanks again for providing us your service.
K.C. - Ada, Oklahoma
Featured ad#1480 Gail, I sold the bike after a buyer noticed it on your web site.
Sean - Hubertus, Wisconsin
Featured ad#1332 YES!! 2 for 2 thanks to HD4Sale ads! worked out great - thanks for having such a great site. Both transactions very smooth - one went to North Carolina and the other to Connecticut. Will certainly refer friends who want to sell to your website.
Brenda - Medway, Massachusetts
Featured ad#1404 >From the site. Lots of hits
Jeremy - Hartland, Wisconsin
Featured ad#1498 Hi Gail, It sold from the site. I ran the add a month ago, reduced the price, got a phone call from St. Louis and he came to Texas and drove off with the bike last weekend. Thanks for your service.
Mark - Keller, Texas
Featured ad#735 Gail, Well I think that your communication was the luck I needed. Almost immediately I got calls from people who were simply desperate to buy the bike. Anyway my bike now lives in Indiana! Sold it yesterday. Thanks for the help.
Hugh - Stephenson, Vriginia
Featured ad#1539 Gail, Actually it sold off your site to a local custom bike shop in Jacksonville, FL whom I had taken it to previously for a sale price. Thanks.
Mike - Jacksonville, Florida
Featured ad#1530 Gail, The Bike sold from your website. Excellent service for a great price. Thank you!
Gerald - Hot Springs, Arkansas
Featured ad#1575 Gail, My motorcycle was sold through the website. It was purchased by a buyer from Utah who drove to Colorado to pick it up. If there is any more information I can provide you with, please let me know. Thank you for your business and for assisting me with selling my motorcycle. When I'm ready to purchase another one, this website will be my first choice.
Travis - Frederick, Colorado
Featured ad#318 This was my first experience owning a Harley and my first experience selling one as well. This website made it a painless task. Rick and Gail the hosts, have created a simple, efficient method of listing your bike, while getting you the maximum amount of exposure on the web. You would expect very little service when you pay so little to advertise your bike, but actually it was quite the opposite, Rick and Gail took a personal interest in getting your bike sold. I wish them and their website great success in the future. Ride on.
Gregg - Basking Ridge, New Jersey
Featured ad#1507 Gail, I did sell it from your site. I listed my bike on a Monday afternoon and the 1st call was on Tuesday from a guy 1200 miles away. He said he was interested, wanted some additional information which I emailed him and he arranged to take a look at it and bought it. He picked it up on the following Saturday. I work with several people who have listed and sold bikes from you web page in less than a week. I was amazed how fast it sold. I would recommend this site, and will to anyone I know who is selling their bike. Thank You.
Greg - Waukesha, Wisconsin
My experience working with HD4SALE at American Motorcycle Classifieds has been extremely satisfying and a nice departure from my previous experience with many other web sites. Not only was the site easy to navigate, but the extra service and support was exceptional. The staff even helped me identify several bogus inquiries saving me a lot of potential frustration. My ad received great exposure and I was able to sell my Harley in a very short period of time. I would recommend this site to anyone considering selling a Harley.
Mike - Portland, Oregon
hey gail, it sure did sell thru the site. and pretty quickly after i put the pics on the ad. if i ever want to sell another one it will be right there at HD4SALE. thank you for asking and following up on the progress.
Jeff - Springfield, Illinois
Your site's the best bang for the buck. Results were within 3 weeks. Thanks very much. It was also nice to see that you guys try to protect your listers from the scam artists as well. Had 2 or 3 notices from you immediately after I was emailed by potential scammers. Thanks very much. Satisfied Customer
Ron Stout - Johnston City, Illinois
Featured ad#997 I sold the bike today 7/22/04 - Thanks for all your help. Your Web is the only 1 out of 5 that got results.
Mike - Madison, Wisconsin
Gail, Yes it was sold off of the site. This is the 2nd bike I've sold off of this site.
Evan - Marion, Indiana
Hi Gail, Yes, a man in Cincinnati, Ohio bought the bike, picked-it up on Saturday and found it by way of your site. Actually, it is the only place I advertised it at all and I had around 15 calls on it. I thought that was pretty quick! Thanks a million for all your help, personal attention, and kindness ;-)
AJ - New Castle, Pennsylvania
Hi Gail: Just a quick note to let you know that my bike has been sold from your site! Got very close to the asking price. I'm happy and the new owner is happy! Thanks for being here.
Martha - Fayetteville, North Carolina
Hey Rick, I sold my bike, ad 444, 2002 Martin Bros hardtail. Our Discovery Channel shows are now coming out, sold it the week before, so probably jumped the gun! Sold it off of your ad, thanks. Had not had any response in a long time and a guy calls up and buys it. Thanks again.
Tom - Cedar Hill, Texas
Gail, I sold the bike to a fellow in Pittsburgh that saw the ad on HD4SALE.Com and called me. Thanks for the help!
Michael - Greenwood, South Carolina
Good Morning Gail and Rick, I tried to edit my ad but was unable. I sold my bike yesterday. I want to thank you both for all your help that you have provided. I will use your web site again if I should decide to sell another bike. Thanks Again!
Gary - La Crosse, Wisconsin
Gail, I did sell the bike over the weekend, thanks to you guys. I appreciate the help. Take care.
Kevin - Mukwonago, Wisconsin
Hi Gail, A couple of nibbles and then one big bite! As of yesterday, my 1999 Fatboy was officially sold! The reason I chose your website was because I found my new 2002 Ultra there and bought it about 3 weeks ago!! Great site when people put realistic prices on their bikes. So, I suppose you should mark my Fatboy SOLD and let others know that they missed out on a great deal.
Ron - Brookfield, Wisconsin
Rick, This has been one of the fastest sells I have ever done. Put the bike on there Wednesday afternoon and the guy that bought it called me Wednesday night I came Thursday night and picked it up for the asking price. I really appreciate your site and will recommend to others. Thanks,
Brian - Scottsville, KY
Just to let you know that I sold my '78 FLH yesterday to a dealer in California. I got numerous genuine calls (plus a few nuts) but in the end I got what I wanted for the bike. This is the SECOND bike I sold thru your site and while it only took me a couple of weeks to sell this one I sold my first one (a '71 FLH three years ago) in less than an hour! (Which has to be some kind of record) If you ever have anybody that questions the success rate of your site just send 'em my way and I'll be glad to talk to them. This sure beats going thru the newspapers! Again......thanks
John Catlin - Hurt, VA
"IT'S SOLD". Yes, I have sold my Softail Deuce to a man in West Chester, PA. he seen it on your site. It was shipped this morning by Enclosed Vehicle Transpot. Thanks for all your help with my ad and I'll come to your site if I should ever be in the market for a good Harley sometime in the future.
John V. Zalar - Coshocton, OH
Gail I Sold my 1998 Sportster 883 Hugger here. Thanks, I have purchased two bikes and sold one off your site. I love the site and look at it nearly daily. Keep up the good work. You are so friendly and helpful.
Doug - Naperville, IL
Rick and Gail I sold my 2000 Harley Davidson FATBOY. Is there any other way? Of course by the site. This is the second bike I have sold by you guys. Couldn't be happier. Thanks
Ron Benson - Mechanicsville, VA
I wanted to let you know that my 2001 Ultra is sold from your web site. The ad number is 24557. I wanted to thank you for your help through this process. You always answered my e-mails and were courteous in doing so and I appreciate that. Hopefully someday I will be able to use your service again but this time on the buying end. ."
Ron Krempels - Roanoke, VA
Dude you kick ass. I sold my bike already, in under 24 hours. Thanks
Terry Moss - Prairieville, LA
Gail, I'm never short on words to say about something that works well for me. Can't tell you how miffied I get when some company boasts of great customer service, but ends up being just lip service. You're web site and the way you operate it is first class. Right from the beginning when I had a little problem getting a picture sent, you got it figured out right away and my ad went right in. I liked how every so often, you'd send me a short note to see if I still sold the bike, and made some suggestions on how to word the ad. I got numerous inquiries right through the winter. Sure, a lot of tire kickers, but it only takes one real one, and you sure sent him to me. His first comment was, "boy, the picture on the website showed the bike exactly how it is. No surprises !" Thanks again for your help in selling my bike, and also for all the cool links to other bike sites.
Gary Schaeffer - Hillsborough, NJ
Just an update to let you know that the bike has been sold. Thank you very much for your assistance. I will be sure to let any of my friends know about your site!! Keep up the good work!
Beth Wilson and John Beto - Clarksburg, WV
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My thanks go to your site. Sold the Heritage on Monday. More hits here than on the trader Thanks again
Cavin Bryant - Stanfield , NC
Rick, I sold my Harley off your web site. I had it on here for about 6 months and had several people look at it, but never caught the big one. I took a little off the price and was able to sell it to a guy in Milwaukee. Well, It is supposed to be delivered up there this week. Anyway, thanks for all the help I will be buying another bike this fall, so you can expect me back.
Bryce Switzer - Cary, NC
Hi I sold my 2002 Harley Dyna Low Rider, "Thank you it was your site that sold my Harley . I had the ad on other sites and by far your service got me the most attention"
Kevin - ALDIE, VA
Hi I sold my 2003 FLHTC, "It was sold via your site.....a man from Kansas drove up to buy it." Thanks
Scott Swope - Normal, IL
Hi Gail I sold my 2002 Fatboy this morning. Thanks alot for everything. it was sold due to your site..thanks
Brian - Springfield, OH
I just wanted to let you know that I sold the 1994 Heritage Softail Classic today and it sold by your site. Thanks for your help.
Jeff Kjorlien - Hubertus, WI
Rick & Gail my 2002 Softail Standard sold from your web site for the price I was asking. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Your customer service was far above and beyond what I had expected and made selling my motorcycle which I thought would be a chore absolutely effortless. I had an absolute ton of responces and could have probably gotten more for my bike than I asked for."
David M Borden - Milwaukee, WI
Rick, I just wanted to let you know that my 1997 Dyna Wide Glide (add # 24643) has sold. It only lasted a week once I put the picture in. I am passing this info on so you can mark the bike as sold. Thanks again,
John Reeve - Ofallon, MO
Just wanted to let you know that we sold the 2000 Heritage Springer FLSTS today. Your web site was easy to use and a made it easy to sell our bike. Thanks for everything.
Cecil and Marianne Hanger - Calverton, VA
Rick, I have sold my 1987 FXLR, as a result from featured Ad 24585. Thanks for the help. And also I just wanted you to know you are already responsible for cleaning out my garage of extra parts, will probably run an ad to do the same for the parts hanging around the shop. Thanks,
Tom Engle - Dallas, Texas
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Rick, thanks for all your work on this great website. It is the first one that I found and remains the best. I have purchased and sold on it. I have made some friends of those that I have dealt with and found them to be quality people. I have tried to use some of your Vendors also. Keep up the good work. God Bless,
Michael Gaumond - Corona del Mar, CA USA
Rick, We sold our 1999 Heritage Softail Classic in a week and to someone in our very own state. And got our asking price. This was well worth the effort and expense for our featured Ad.Thanks so much
Johnny and Marilyn Hooks - Monticello, AR
Great site Rick. I've bought and sold here. Keep up the good work.
Tom V - Albany, NY
I sold my 1978 FXEWG yesterday - A guy from Santa Cruz saw the ad on your site. Came up this past weekend to pick it up. Thanks again for your help.
Adam - Mt Shasta, CA
We sold our 1977 Customized Sportster due to the ad on your site. Much faster than I expected, too, in all honesty! We will continue to use your site for future purchases/sales...thanks for the wonderful service you provide.
Brady - Stevensville, MT
I sold my 1995 Heritage Softail from advertising on your web site. Have a good day!
Carol - Terre Haute, IN
Sold my 1999 Ultra Classic. Thanks again for the great site. I did have it on another site too, but the only hits I got was from yours, in fact, the second hit bought the bike.
John Souza - Bourne, MA
Hi, Rick, Thanks for everything! I sold my 1996 Fatboy this mourning. Two days on your site and it sold. Keep up the good work! Thanks again
Dave Converse - Watertown, SD
We sold our 1994 Electra Glide Classic from your web site and it was somebody from our hometown which made it very easy to deliver. We were hoping for that. Thanks so much for your help and advertising!
David Hendricks - Toms River, NJ
Sold my 2002 Road King FLHR Via the site. In 6 days!!!! Well, I'm 2 for 2 on selling my bikes here, so I will return.
Eric R. Hucke , Milwaukee, WI
Rick & Gail, you can remove my ad for the 1991 Softail Springer, Ad # 24456. A good guy came from Topeka ,Kansas to S.Florida to haul it back home. He had a print of the ad on photo paper that was very sharp. Actually had another guy that called and said he loved it, had photos on the wall ,and was coming to get it if still available after he received a settlement on March 13th. Thank You very much for providing a great site , good display, and easy to make changes.I will use your services again. Thank You,
Lloyd - South Florida
Rick, thanks for selling our big blue New harley style motorcycle is sold to an ADAM KIMBALL in the southwest part of our country. please place a sold sign across our ad to show your ads DO WORK. again please accept our thanks and we have one more to sell and it is even a nicer and more radical custom to sell.
John Becker - Coon Rapids, MN
Hey Rick, Just thought Id let you know I sold my bike. So you can take out the ad now. Thanks for showing it for me, Ive recommended this sight to alot of my friends looking for Harley's. Thanks again,
Greg, Goreville - IL
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Rick, Thanks alot for running the ad to sell my panhead. I sold it over the weekend so you may remove my ad. Thank you again
Brad - Hayward, CA
Rick, I am delighted to report that the Road King was sold for the full amount of its asking price two days ago. The ad in your web site worked. Thanks for your assistance and good wishes while the motorcycle was being offered for sale.
Bob - Palm Springs, CA
Rick, I just wanted to inform you that I sold my Harley thanks to your site. Thank You for your services.
Steve Gorski - Mokena, IL
Hi Rick, Sold my bike today the 1980 FLT/FLHS, so you can remove it from your site. Your site worked real well, I would highly recommend your site to anyone buying selling their scoot. Thanks Again,
Jerry - Middle Island, NY
Hey Rick, well I finally sold the fxr thru your site, I want to say thank you for all your help,your a brother,you got a good sight here,it worked he was from toronto Canada,and a nice fella too sold it for 10,650 had to take a little off for the long drive down but he was happy as hell, to tell you the truth,the bike was in really good shape ,ran like a bear, I will prpbably regret sellin it, cause they are hard to find,but oh well,now I am gonna look for a buell if you happen to see a 1998 S3 carburetor model let me know first hand, I will send you a six pack for your trouble,hahahahahahhah Thanx rick for helpin
Roque - So.Otselic, NY
Rick, You can put a SOLD sign on my 99 Flstc. Done deal as of today. Sold it from your web-site. Thanks......
Bill - OKC, Oklahoma
Rick, I placed this bike in your featured bike section a while back and it finally sold from your site. Thanks,
John - Hatboro, PA
Rick I Sold my bike. Your site is wonderful and I already have been spreading the word. Thank you,
Brian Kobus - Frederick, MD
Rick, my bike sold last week from your site for full asking price. Thanks,
Sam Ardison - Knoxville, TN
Rick I sold it Monday. You have a great site and I've sent a lot of people to it. Thank you for all you're help.
Jeff Coker - Dallas, TX
Hey Rick i sold my 1988 Harley, thanks It sold from your site Thanks again could you change the ad for me to sold. I sold it to a chap in Petrolia.
Darcy - St. Thomas, ON
Hi Rick, I just wanted to let you know that we got the Harley sold as of yesterday 6/16/02. We got it delivered and the money in our hot little hands!..Thank you so much for the use of your web site, and if we ever need your help again, we will be sure and let you know.....Be safe and take care.
Deb - Estherville, Iowa
Rick, Thanks to your web site my Harley was finally sold. I advertised in two major newspapers (twice each) with no results. Your website got results almost immediately. Thanks again,
Jay Grant - Milwaukee, WI
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Hey Rick my bike sold in one week, He drove all the way from Missouri to North Carolina to pick it up! This web site works! Also, the best customer service I've had in a long time! Thank you!
Ken - Cornelius, NC
Hi Rick, our bikes sold off your site. One went to Arkansas, the other to Iowa. Thanks again,
Lynn - Redding, CA
Rick I sold my bike a couple hours ago to the 1st person who came to see it I came down 1K, but that was alright with me and it was a fair price Thank you for your service, I would use you again and when I am able to buy another bike I will shop your ads first
Mike Michell - Stafford, VA
Rick & staff, I have sold my bike. It went to Oklahoma. I got a lot of response right from the first day and wanted to thank you for your help and your excellent web site. I don't think I could have generated so much response any other way. Thanks again.
Murray - Swift Current, SK
I sold my 1995 HD FLHTCU from your web site. I had more hits from your web site than the local paper. I must admit I was leary at first, but was pleasantly surprised with the results. The guy that purchased my bike lived somewhat close to my house, (about 20 mile away) and had called me to set up an appointment and the rest is history. I was referred to your web site by Kelly Christianson of West Bend, WI. He has sold several bikes in the past on your web site. Thanks for all your help and for hosting a great selling tool, that works. Sincerely,
Randy Crivello - Germantown, WI
Rick, you might want to put this one in your book. I had the 2002 superglide on your web site. I put it on there Mon. night 10:00 pm eastern time, Tues. night 6:00 a man called me that lived a couple towns away. He came over twenty minutes later and put a deposit on the bike. Its Wed. night and the bike is gone. 20 hours thats all it took.. Well thanks, and I'll refer my friends to the site if they decide to sell their bikes.
Keith - USA
Sold my Harley to a guy who seen it on American Motorcycles Classifieds, having accurate color pictures on the web site was a big plus!. Owners and potential buyers are very particular about what shade of blue they are buying. The new owner drove to Detroit mich from Kentucky. Tested the bike last night, and today we went to the credit union to complete title transfer papers.
Theresa Williams - West Bloomfield, MI

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